guzzie+Guss Universal Stroller Accessories

guzzie+Guss Universal Stroller Accessories

guzzie+Guss Universal Stroller Accessories


Universal stroller accessories by guzzie+Guss will fit most of the stroller brands on the market and will make it easier to accomplish just about anything you need to do while strolling with your baby. All of our universal stroller accessories are easy to use, easy to care for and will make time on the go with your baby just a little bit easier.

guzzie+Guss Universal Stroller Accessories

Cup Holder

This flexible, sturdy and adjustable cup holder is the ultimate universal stroller add-on. It is the perfect cup holder for any stroller, mobility walker or wheelchair. With an easy to adjust strap, and a rubber anti-slip sleeve which will keep the cup holder in place is the ideal cup holder that will work on multiple products. It is also designed with a rotating hinge, so you can easily adjust the cup holder to any angle you like.

Large to narrow water bottles, Baby bottles, and sports drinks will fit perfectly due to the 4 insert stabilizers that hold the cup tightly in place. Prefer cold drinks? This cup holder will accommodate a smoothie as well.

Parent Media Console

The Universal Media Console fits nicely on any stroller handle due to the straps on either side that can be customized to your stroller. The top left and right insulated compartments can be used to hold your drinks and keep them at the desired temperature, but the best part is it is very easy to clean if spills happen.

The middle compartment has a magnetic closure that will keep your wallet, cell phone and keys safe, and secure and out of sight. The zippers are made of high-quality materials that don’t jam or catch. The front tactile pocket allows you to store your phone and use it on the go also there is a removable tablet holder that allows a unique movie theatre experience.

Universal Stroller Accessories | guzzie+Guss

Umbrella Stroller Rain Cover

On those rainy days why be stuck inside when you can use a Premium rain cover by guzzie+Guss. The umbrella rain cover by guzzie+Guss fits majority of the umbrella strollers on the market. It comes with many features that will make it easier for you and your baby to enjoy the day and keep them dry and happy. The front cover opens on both sides with two high-quality zippers so you can place your baby in and take your baby out without taking off the rain cover. There is also a back pocket that closes with a zipper so you can keep your keys and phone close and dry. It is made from durable plastic that is robust and thick.

3 in 1 Rain Cover

The guzzie+Guss 3 in 1 Rain cover is designed to fit most infant car seats, bassinets and stroller POD seats. The side ventilation allows your baby stays cool, comfortable and dry. The quick-access zipper at the front allows you to easily remove your baby without having to take off the rain cover.

Hitch Riding Board

The universal, user-friendly Hitch board easily connects to your stroller creating a smooth and safe ride-on experience for your child. The Hitch comes with an easy to fit system with a height and width adjuster so you can connect it to almost any stroller on the market. With just a push of a button, you can quickly connect and disconnect the board or hook the board up to the back of the stroller with its rotating arms.

The Hitch comes with super-smooth suspension, an extra-large anti-slip platform that gives your child extra room for their feet and a secure grip.  The side reflectors make you clearly visible, even at night. The Hitch stroller board has become a popular choice for parents with more than one child. It makes it easier for you to look over your children while enjoying the outdoors.

Hitch Seat

The design-friendly universal hitch seat attaches to the hitch board giving your child a ready-made seat to sit when they are tired. 

From stroller cup holder to hitch seat, the guzzie+Guss universal stroller accessories make life easier for you and your little ones. All of the stroller accessories mentioned above are designed to work with the majority of the strollers on the market. 

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