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To ensure prompt processing of any warranty concerns or to be contacted in the case of any product issues, please take the time to fill out an ONLINE PRODUCT REGISTRATION CARD for each of the Guzzie+Guss products that you own. We will retain this information to assist you in the event of a recall or a public notice regarding any Guzzie+Guss products that may arise. We will not use this information to contact you regarding anything else, including but not limited to: marketing, promotions, new products, etc…


Although infant and child-related products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation, it is possible that an item could be recalled. In Canada and the US, government services dedicated to maintaining safety in the retail marketplace will continue to retest various products as they see fit. Sometimes this is initiated by consumer concerns, sometimes by manufacturers, and often by these agencies themselves.

In case of a recall, we as the manufacturer can reach you only if we have your correct and accurate contact info. Therefore, please take the time now to fill in this registration form to be added to our recall list. In order to properly register your product, you will need to provide the product’s model name, serial number and date of manufacture. This information should be printed somewhere on the item, on the paperwork included with the item, or on the box that your product came in.

Oct 20/2016 Recall Notice

Product Name: Safety Gate & Gate Extension

Model: G+G301 & G+G320

Manufactured Between: Aug 2010 to Nov 2013

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