Perch Hook on High Chair Features and Benefits

Perch Hook on High Chair Features and Benefits

Perch Hook on High Chair

Features and Benefits

The Perch Hook on High Chair is a well-designed, great quality product for your baby. When your baby is hungry, it’s time to eat! You can have your little ones enjoy his or her breakfast, lunch or dinner on that baby high chair and have a great bonding moment for you and baby. For today’s parents, highchairs are a standard piece of equipment, but because of the many features available, it is not easy to choose the perfect one.

As all seasoned parents will tell you feeding time is more like messy time, food gets everywhere, on the face, on the table, on the floor, but mostly on the highchair. The Perch is fully removable for washing so cleaning up after the tornado is easy.

Hook on High Chair

Perch High Chair Features

Those same veterans of childhood will regale you of stories of how their child loved to try and get out of the chair when it was time to eat. With the Perch chair not only do you get a 5 point harness (which exceeds standards) we also include a unique rear harness adjuster which allows you to keep the shoulder straps where they are supposed to be (on the shoulders).

With over 3 inches of clearance, the Perch highchair has one of the largest openings on the market, allowing you to attach it to many different tables. This means when you move from eating at the dining table to the island counter you can easily relocate the chair and maintain babies interaction with the rest of the family.

Guzzie+Guss hanging high chair come in various colours and designs, so you have multiple options to choose the one you like. For the most part, the convertible chairs cost you more, however, if you do the cost value analysis, it is actually not a terrible deal at all. It fits most counter tables at home, at restaurants and outdoors, Guzzie+Guss has folding chairs and compact design which will help you solve an issue related to space. Perch hanging high chair from Guzzie+Guss have also met the safety standard requirements. That will assuredly give you a peace of mind to enjoy watching your child sitting on that chair.

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Perch High Chair Benefits


The Perch Hook on High Chair was designed with your child’s comfort in mind, with the highest backrest of all chairs on the market to the extra padding both around the back or right in front of your child when you think comfort think Perch.


A folding option allows you to store it conveniently in a closet or trunk without taking up too much room when not in use. Lightweight, fits in an included carry bag and also you can take them to a picnic, to Gramma’s house or to your favourite restaurant; the Perch is the perfect travel companion.


Reach heights standard high chairs can only look up to, the Perch chair is perfectly perched on the counter


Bring your child right to the table. A Perch baby feeding highchair is especially handy if you have a family dining table, as you can continue eating though feeding your baby, you’ll both love the one-on-one time and they can join in with everyone else at the table.

Comfort, Convenience, Counter-Tops and Conversation benefit you and your child.

Perch Baby High Chair

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